Buying a Spokeshave

You can buy a decent spokeshave for less than £15 brand new, the metal-bodied Stanley #151 style (there are many brands making this model) bevel down is the one Paul Sellers recommends. Paul Sellers has used the Draper spokeshave and was more than happy with its performance. You will likely only need a flat-bottomed version of the spokeshave at first, instead of the round-bottomed version, this is because the round-bottomed versioned isn’t needed so often, only in very tight radiuses of less than 6” (152mm) in diameter. These are easy to find if you simply search ‘Drapers flat bottomed spokeshave’.

To view the parts of a spokeshave, click here.

We purchased this Draper spokeshave from Amazon Prime for £12.59*.

Spokeshave on the workbench

*Prices correct as of June 2018.

Further Reading

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